Who is Julie Neese the Copywriter

Unlike a lot of writers I didn’t dream of writing since I was a young girl. I am an artist, and that was what I wanted to pursue – illustration and fine art. It wasn’t until I attended college that my composition professor made me aware of another talent that I had hidden – writing.  She had me meet with the head of the English/Journalism Department and asked me to seriously consider changing my major because they really believed in me. This was one of those moments that has stayed with me and birthed my love of writing, especially fiction.

I have gone on to write many articles, short stories, a half written historical romance, and am currently working on a paranormal romance novel.  I have been published in local newspapers, “Body, Mind, and Spirit Guide,” and was the Ann Arbor Relationship writer for the “Examiner.com.”

My professional career has spanned 30-plus years in western healthcare and private practice as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist and Reiki Master. Having worked many years in Marketing and Development at a hospital, and writing proposals at a healthcare consulting firm, gave me the most valuable writing experience and launched my thirst for a career change to copywriting.